Changes to the CS exam

Please read if you are a CS exam candidate or providing CS training.

CS Announcement

Updated Clinical Supervisor (CS) Job Analysis

IC&RC is proud to announce the finalization of its updated Clinical Supervisor (CS) Job Analysis (JA).

A JA is the methodical process of determining what elements of practice and knowledge are important to assess as part of a certification examination and serves as the blueprint for the examination. It is the process that directly links an examination score to a specific job and ensures that an exam is valid, reliable, and legally defensible. To stay relevant to current trends and practices, a JA must be updated every five to seven years.

The first administration date for the updated examination will be February 1, 2018.

All candidates taking the CS examination on or after February 1st will be taking the updated examination. 

Updated Domains

The JA has resulted in some updates to the domains. The domain of Administration has been removed and will not be tested as part of the CS examination. Performance Evaluation has been renamed to Assessing Counselor Competencies and Performance.


Previous Domains                     2018 Domains

Counselor Development                                                               Counselor Development

Professional and Ethical Standards                                    Professional and Ethical Standards

Program Development and Quality Assurance     Program Development and Quality Assurance

Assessing Counselor Competencies and Performance   Performance Evaluation (name change) 

 Treatment Knowledge                                                                  Treatment Knowledge

Administration (removed) 

The full exam content outline can be found in the Clinical Supervisor Candidate Guide found on the Exam Prep page of IC&RC’s website at

Candidates preparing to take the updated examination on or after February 1, 2018 should be sure to familiarize themselves with the content outline and reference list on the following pages.

For more information on study materials and all IC&RC’s testing policies and procedures, please visit our examination prep page at

IC&RC is proud to stay in the forefront of the ever-evolving field with the release of its updated CS Job Analysis.